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To truly succeed in business, you need a reliable partner to support your every move.

Aditya Birla Finance offers Business Loans to fund your business needs...

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You have got the cake! Now you can eat it too! 

Avail of your hard earned ESOPs with ease...

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Can loan processing ever be easy? 

It is with our hassle – free Loan Against Property.

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Your investment in shares and securities hold great hidden potential.

Have you discovered it yet?...

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Important Notice

It has come to our notice that unknown third parties, who are not affiliated with Aditya Birla Finance Limited are forging/mis-selling loan products using our name, brand or logo (explicitly and/or implicitly). Aditya Birla Finance Limited may not have any control over such any third party use of our name and therefore cannot be held responsible for any unauthorised offer, products or services which is made by forging/misusing/faking our brand name. Anyone relying on any such information without verifying and confirming the same with Aditya Birla Finance Limited shall do so at their own risk and liability as to cost and consequences thereof. We also recommend that you do not disclose your personal or financial details to anyone approaching you and claiming to be on behalf of us, unless identity of the person is established or the communication is verified with one of the branches or telephone numbers stated herein.

If you receive a product/ loan proposal from anybody with a name similar to Aditya Birla Finance Limited or claiming to be from Aditya Birla Finance Limited or Birla Global Finance Limited or Birla Finance Limited or any other name which exhibits any connection with Aditya Birla Group or if you have any doubts about such proposal, please feel free to contact Aditya Birla Finance Ltd. immediately on +91 84259 66666. Aditya Birla Finance Limited highly recommends that you ignore any suspicious product/ loan proposals. On no account should you transfer any money without properly verifying and establishing the identity of the entity involved. We once again request you to examine product/loan proposals cautiously and carefully before entering into any transaction with such entities.

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We offer a range of financial solutions across our nine lines of businesses.